As squatters in north London we are still here!

1 09 2012


Tory laws, shitty councils and bastard cops can’t and won’t get rid of us.

We need to stand together to prevent evictions, protect our houses and friends and continue to create places to live and socialise. We will continue to hold regular meetings and socials as well as build links with other housing struggles. Squatters are not the only ones facing state repression or the threat of losing our homes, nor are we the only enemies of the rich. Practical Squatting Evenings will continue in their venue at LARC and 56a, if you want to find folk to squat with, or want to share some of your experiences come down on Tuesday evenings at 7pm.

The law may have changed but we haven’t, so long as buildings are left to rot they’ll be occupied by those who would see them have a better use. Let’s learn from our own experiences, and those of other squatters, from Johannesburg to Bristol. Build barricades and sound systems, mix cocktails and tactics and organise to support each other. We will be using this blog to share updates and news, get in touch with your experiences so that we can be best prepared to resist this attack on our homes.

Solidarity begins with homes.

For more on the law change, and up to date information check the Advisory Service for Squatters website (




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