4 11 2009

Wednesday, 4th – Saturday 21st November

A group has recently begun occupying a building in Hackney. Part of the building contains a hall / stage area and offers the potential for some amazing events. We are in communication with the owner and although they plan to demolish this part of the building soon they have given us confirmation that we can definitely use it up until Monday 23rd November!

So, this is a callout to all those who want to be involved in creating a temporary autonomous space to come and create, inspire, conspire and get organised! This week we will be cleaning up ready to start events from next week. We want to make the most of the space while we have it with workshops, discussions and general shinanigans. So if you always wanted to organise a day of circus training but never quite had enough space here’s your chance!

DIY Festival

**Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th November**: Workdays: Come and help fix up the place

**Saturday 7th**: creARTion day: give the walls a lick of paint and bring out your creative side with a day of art

**Thursday 12th**: Art Opening: explore the building and the new exhibition

**Friday 13th**: The Haunted Herstory: An evening of story-telling & performance relating to the building’s past.

**Saturday 14th**: PantoPractice: developing a pantomime to perform on the stage at next Fridays event. Anti-Militarist / NATO gathering: an evening of discussion

**Friday 20th**: Who Can Do What?: bringing you an open stage for all of your performance needs: fancy having a sing-song, playing the fiddle or reading a poem? Make the most of the stage or come along for the Pantomime!

**Saturday 21st**: Gardening: clearing has already begun so let’s start growing things

Other ideas
– prison society info night: food, films and discussion relating to prison(er), death in custody & detention centre campaigns
– Permaculture Discussion Group
– An Evening of Poetry / Spoken Word
– already mentioned but seriously considered, Circus Training
– roller disco / roller ping-pong

Come get involved to help ensure that all of this and more happens in the space.

For exact location please email Also drop us a line if you have any ideas for stuff to do, want to help out or just keep updated on the goings on.




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