And another one…

23 10 2009

So the FreeShop didn’t get evicted then.

Yesterday at about 5 o’clock in the evening the FreeShop guys got an ‘advanced notice of possession of land’ with 12 hours notice. This meant that the big, bad-ass high court bailiffs were meant to be turning up at 8 o’clock in the morning. Again, too early!

So a bunch of people went down there last night, and after making an awesome banner…

We'll take your world...

…everyone barricaded themselves indoors with some nifty hardcore barricading.

A few bailiffs were spied around, but it was kind of hard to tell what they were doing. I’m not too sure if they knew really. They had a walk around with some drills, accompanied by a child at one point (!), then they managed to find some ladders from somewhere. Kind of surprisingly though they didn’t actually try to do anything with them.

After a sleepless night, we finally got word that they’d gone, and took apart the painstakingly constructed barricades to go and celebrate in the open air.

The FreeShop is still open. Go down and help keep it open!




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