Eviction stopped!

17 10 2009

Last Friday (9th) Belgrade Road Social Centre was schedualed to get an early morning visit from baliffs at 9.20 am. They know what they’re doing these baliffs with their early morning apointments!

Still it didn’t stop about 40 of us dragging ourselves out of bed and going down to show our support and generally get in the way. Much to our disgust (after all, we managed to get there in time to set up tea, coffee and skipped sushi) the baliffs and their cohorts were late and turned up around 10ish all blury-eyed and confused.

After a while standing around on the phone and looking at their clipboards, they came over to us all to say that the eviction wouldn’t be happening that day and that they’d be back in 2 weeks. One of them also mentioned to someone that they’d tried to call the police to come and help them as they weren’t prepared to deal with us all on their own, but the police had said they were too busy harrassing black people and that they’d have to make an appointment for the future.

It was a slight anticlimax, but hey! it worked and there aren’t enough excuses to stand around in the cold street in the morning eating blueberries anyway…




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