Planning meeting for North-East London mass-squatting action

29 07 2009

This is a call out for a meeting to plan a mass squatting action. Come along if you’re interested.

Sunday August 2nd

2pm at the Brownswood Library, Brownswood Rd. N4

Map Link

This coming autumn we want to help homeless people provide their own alternative to over-crowded shelters, unhelpful councils and inadequate social housing.

Its fucking ridiculous that councils refuse to house thousands of people, whilst they leave an equal number of homes to rot. We want to work with people so that they can take housing back into their own hands.

We aim to get a large scale project off the ground in the next couple of months. Bring your ideas, skills, energy and experience to get involved.

P.s.  This is a really good idea. Think about the implications…?! See! It’s gonna be awesome! Come and help and then you’ll be able to tell your nieces and nephews all about it when you’re old.. and pretend you were part of the revolution.  See you at the barricades, oh, i mean the meeting.




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